About Us

VPN Group was established in 1995, with an initial business activity of a steel centre, involved in processing both coated and uncoated steel coils, as a feeder of raw materials to the manufacturing and construction industry. Over the years, the company has diversified into value added services by investing into state of the art machineries to cater growing demands of both domestic and international market in industries such as oil and gas, automotive, electrical, furniture, home appliances, agriculture and livestock, construction etc., thus making VPN Group a well-equipped steel centre in Malaysia. The progress of the company has been attributed by strong support of customers, suppliers, financial institutions and its dedicated team of employees. In recent years, the company has shown concern towards the environment such as global warming, leading it to design and manufacture products and components of the Industrial Building Systems (IBS). In line with its slogan Quality At All Levels, the company is committed to provide quality products along with excellent services and timely delivery through its manufacturing expertise. VPN Group is accredited with the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008. As the steel industry contends to evolve with the global economic requirements, the company is committed to continuously invest and develop in its Human Resources and Product Development to meet customer satisfaction.

Mission and Corporate Values

Contribute to nation by providing a high degree of expertise and product innovation in manufacturing and construction industries. Harmonize expansion programs in line to confirming global requirements. Become a value creation company that will meet the expectation of our shareholders, employees and business associates.

Company Quality Policy

To ensure Quality At All Levels in our system and processes to produce Quality Products that meet our customer’s requirement.