Multi Layer Rigid Roofing

Property Results Standard
Tensile Strength: coloured 3 layers 27-31 Mpa ISO 527
Flexural Strength: coloured 3 layers 45-55 Mpa ISO 178
Elongation 145% ASTM D638-03
Impact Strength (ZOD) 125.2 j/m ASTM D256-08
Impact Strength (charpy) 50-60 j/m2 ISO 179
  • Light weight - 3.5kg/m2
  • Chemical resistance - VPN EurolineTm is steady against the action of acids, alkalis, salts and solvents
  • Excellent thermal insulation - Heat conductivity of VPN EurolineTM - 0.104 W/m2c2
  • Sound insulation - VPN EurolineTM provides excellent protection from the sound of rain, hail and other external noises
  • wide range of usage temperatures - 40c2 to + 70c2
  • Frost resistance - VPN EurolineTM withstands over 100 freezing / thawing cycles
  • Colorfastness - 8 points (BWS)
  • Weather resistance - VPN EurolineTM can be used in extreme weather conditions (i.e. storms, hurricanes, hail)
  • Durability - Material is guaranteed for its performance for the period of not less than 10 years
  • Fire resistance - VPN EurolineTM is a non-combustible material (ASTM D635-06), VPN EurolineTM belongs to class 1 group of construction materials according to BS 476 part7
  • Elasticity and flexibility - VPN EurolineTM allows construction of arch type roofs and curvilinear fences with minimum radius of 6m
  • High Strength properties
  • Installation efficiency - overlapping losses do not exceed 7%, Material is not sensitive to scratches, blow impact and faling from heights, it can be easily cut, drilled and sawn
  • Skylights- VPN EurolineTM is available in transparent / translucent form of matching profile