Steel Roof Truss System

  • light weight and sold strength
  • easy design adaptability
  • long lasting durability
  • consistent material quality
  • accurate dimension
  • low wastages as structures are custom made
  • no warping, shrinking, sagging or twisting
  • faster job completion
  • cleaner site
  • Termite proof
  • cost efficient
  • environmental friendly

VPN Roof Trusses can be used in most of the following areas:

  • schools and colleges
  • residential houses
  • high rise buildings
  • semi detached houses and bungalows
  • metal roof structures
  • multi purpose halls
  • light industrial constructions
  • commercial complexes

VPN Roof Trusses is suitably designed to comply with the most up-to-date:-

  • British standard 5950-structural use of steelwork in building part5- Code of practice for design of cold formed sections
  • AISI specification for design of cold formed steel structural members 1996
  • British standard 3699- loading for building Part 1- code of practice for dead and imposed loads
  • British standard 3699 Parts 2 1997 code of practice for wind loads